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  • Lindsey Goff

    Lindsey Goff


    Formerly immunologist for Cancer Research UK, Lindsey has since moved into the field of scientific publishing. She looks after all BPoD editorial matters.

  • Ellie McLaughlin

    Ellie McLaughlin


    Ellie, a Biochemistry student at the University of Manchester, was a science communications intern at the MRC London Institute of Medical Science. She is interested in science communication, media and engagement.

  • John Ankers

    John Ankers


    As a researcher at the University of Liverpool, John uses time-lapse fluorescence microscopy to look at the inner workings of cancer cells. He has exhibited with The Royal Society and won the BSCB science-writing prize in 2011.


  • Kat Arney

    Kat Arney


    As a science communicator for Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Kat regularly comments in the media on the latest discoveries. She also produces the CRUK podcast and co-presents the Naked Scientists radio show.


  • Georgina Askeland

    Georgina Askeland


    A recent graduate from UCL, Georgina is a keen molecular biologist with a passion for creating accessible science. She has a fascination with cell biology– from DNA to viral infection.

  • Matt Atherton

    Matt Atherton


    Matt is an environmental scientist turned science journalist, after completing degrees at the University of Plymouth and City University London respectively. Matt specialises in communicating health issues to the public.

  • Charlotte Rose Davison

    Charlotte Rose Davison

    Former MRC LMS Visiting Writer

    A recent University of Nottingham graduate, Charlotte is now a PhD candidate funded by the BBSRC. She has an unhealthy fascination with parasites and genetic abnormalities, which she loves to communicate to anyone who will listen.

  • Hayley Birch

    Hayley Birch


    Freelance science writer and editor with a sideline in quirky science communication projects. Music fan, @geekpop conspirator, terrible saucier.


  • Emmanuelle Briolat

    Emmanuelle Briolat


    A recent graduate in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, Emmanuelle has undertaken fieldwork and lab-based projects studying animal behaviour and visual ecology, and is continuing to pursue interests in biology, nature and photography.