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  • André Brown

    André Brown


    André is a group leader at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre in London. He studied physics (BSc, Memorial University in Newfoundland; PhD, UPenn in Philadelphia) and came to the UK to start studying worms in 2009.


  • Edwin Colyer

    Edwin Colyer


    Founder of science copywriting agency Scientia Scripta, Edwin has more than a decade’s experience researching and writing on science and technology for national newspapers, magazines, and governmental organisations.


  • Daniel Cossins

    Daniel Cossins


    As a freelance science writer, Dan's work has been published in award-winning magazines including BBC Focus, Wired UK, Cosmos, BBC Knowledge, BBC History and Men's Health.


  • Gaëlle Coullon

    Gaëlle Coullon


    Gaëlle is a postdoctoral researcher, having recently completed a DPhil in neuroscience at the University of Oxford. She is always looking for new ways to combine her love of writing with everything brain related.

  • Caroline Cross

    Caroline Cross


    Fascinated by the complexities of the human body, Caroline enjoys writing about biomedical research. She spent much of her research career peering down a microscope at cells and parasites, and is constantly amazed at their beauty.


  • Tristan Farrow

    Tristan Farrow


    British Science Association Media Fellow. He holds a degree in quantum physics from the University of Cambridge and a Research Fellowship in quantum effects in biology.

  • Lux Fatimathas

    Lux Fatimathas


    Having pursued science through a career in research, communications and publishing, she is currently a freelance science writer and editor. Neuroscience got her hooked and all things biomedical now hold an interest.

  • Cara Foley

    Cara Foley


    Currently at the University of Kent, Cara is studying for a Masters in Reproductive Medicine. She also holds a degree in biological sciences from the University of Oxford. She is particularly interested in human biology.

  • Claire Gilby

    Claire Gilby


    London-based writer Claire specialises in all things environmental and scientific, including conservation science and policy. Claire also sits on the committee for the Association of British Science Writers.